Auto Parts Inventory


KSh 32,566

Auto Parts Data
Auto Parts Data
KSh 55,827
KSh 55,827
Batch User Grouping
Batch User Grouping
KSh 5,815
KSh 5,815

Auto Parts Inventory
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KSh 32,566 32566.0 KES KSh 32,566


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Version: 16.0

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This module gives you access to:

  • Over 30k products with all information populated as per our Auto Parts Stock Module (see the related modules section)
  • Over 3000 kits configured using the kit feature of the manufacturing module
  • Thousands of Master Data ranging from manufacturers, models, sub models, groups and subgroups

  • Products

    Product Information


    Master Data

    How it works

    You don't have to import anything manually, just install the module and ensure you have stable internet connection. Then wait for about 24 hours, and you will have all the data ready in your system

    We have defined a scheduled action inside the module that will connect to our online database and fetch 100 products every 10 minutes so the products and other master data will be created progressively

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